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Dr. Belluscio Center

The Dr. Belluscio Center is a medical institute dedicated to the research and treatment of obesity problems through the use of the OralhCG™ protocol.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a substance produced by the placenta during pregnancy in large quantities. For more than 20 years Dr. Daniel Belluscio has studied its use for the treatment of obesity and overweight. In the search for a more comfortable system for the patient, he developed the oral route of this compound.

Today, the Dr. Belluscio Center is the most prestigious institution worldwide in this treatment . We are proud to be able to offer our patients a unique, safe, safe, effective and reliable treatment and to our colleagues around the world the training necessary to provide their patients with this method to obtain the best results in the treatment of obesity.

Your well-being is our commitment. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life of patients with problems of overweight through a method that offers them maximum peace of mind and guaranteed results.

The Dr. Belluscio Center has designed a series of proposals for the medical community that include the training of professionals for the treatment of patients and the preparation of the Oral hCG™ formula developed by Dr. Belluscio, in addition to a representation and use agreement Of trademark, solved with more than 30 years of investigation in the thematic one.